The Everlasting images my land
A brief presentation of Mr. Houssein Termechi.

This has to be the 3rd or 4th time that Termechi’s and my friends wanted me to write some brief notes about him. And as I don’t like to repeat my last writings, I wonder how to tell the untold or unwritten.
But every time after his exhibitions, he would be go on such isolation that by his next presentation it seems that we found a new painter, and every time that we look at his works, we have a new feature of him . Today that paintings has lost the shape and mode of its secret & doubtful installment in the traffic of colors; his paintings may make us a new space, his knowledge in seeing the objects and his instances in the forms of solid color spaces and metaphysics which would make you stay still and realize his expert in process of colors and amount of lights, which requires a lifetime of finding and another lifetime of making it eternal, and this all and all of it makes him a painter without flaw .
He is not ancient, not old, he is not the man of today, but his works are much better for today than past. His works cries that the rules of painting are far from making video clips.
They say that what makes the difference between painting and advertisement signs of streets and walls of metro stations and stands .
His paintings are included in my land’s everlasting images , and by each time looking at his works you may need some more time to stand and take a closer look to the forever still sight of his paintings.

Introductin to my book
All the following texts has been translated from persian to english.
The most dreamful and imaginary of arts is Painting.
You may present a space as great as the world in a small two dimensional area. The space union and its detail communications to its own elements can hardly be realized with people other than painters.

Space in painting can take a wider range of time to be completed. In this process there has been years between my first and last brush effects, so that my young brushes would join to my old and dusty brushes to complete the layers. I’ve never had an experience in any other art like, this complicated return which you may have in painting. Thus time in paintings will freeze and I’ve never enjoyed the sudden sense presentation in paintings. The flowing and motional water that is staying still in the Vermier painting is attracting me, the questioning feature of da Vinci’s Giocond and motional people of Kamal ‘Al Din Behzad and the peace of Reza Abasi’s people and the wind blow in the Koro’s leaves and…, had always made me amazed and cheerful .
The adaptation of seeing more and more and making one view out of those, and presenting an unique permanent sense, and thus making an ultimate out of a moment ; is learnt by painting , and I have always tried to seek more in architecture and sculpture.

First time in some works done in a Metamorphosis manner I did look for the permanence and alteration, and their union to each other.
The sudden and realizing movement of forms and interchanging to each other, would present a new view, from its shape and containment every time that we look to the repetition point.

Uniqueness was in staying and never leaving and statues and then architecture the gates to the three dimensional world that makes the movement possible and the process of seeing the movement path to feel and make the space; with a space full of dreams and forming lines and colors made me habitué to painting, a world full of entrance, changes and unfinished invention.

My ancients in Iran with their on methods, made the visual element relations in painting into such a mean and clemency that you may simply room the complex world into a smaller spaces and make all the wide relations to a unique union. However a several hundred years of interruption suddenly cut the pervious relation to the methods and the views.

Before I went to the Fine Art School in 1983, I was learning some from the masters that are still acting the same as the native ancient ones, and they are still very interesting in combining arts and collating its methods to view the imaging world, however the methods and the technologies for this facts had almost already gone.
But I believed that the art forever souvenirs in my race and maybe in all over the world did create by the unique viewpoints in different imaging art fields. The Tile Designers and Tiler Architects and Painter Engineers and Engineer Painters. Geometry in Iran Architecture and Persian Patterns, performed in a latticework and hierarchy definition for a unique purpose.

The beginning point of mine was drawing lines in flat spaces and seeking for finding some methods to image my dreams. On and on I realized that the relation of painting and three dimensional spaces can be organized closer and more united, and this needs an understanding of space in different dimensions.

Undying Garden
All the following texts has been translated from persian to english.
Garden of Paintings is an undying garden.
Such years ago painting was a miracle, some anemone garden in the desert, It was a garden with no pain of heat, languish, it was always new and without wilt. Painter was the master of flowery garden, he was rare and not available. The creators of this no fall season garden may put everything and pass, but would bind the world arcade with a forever delay in their frame work.

Paintings were the forever prisoners of time, and the museums and collections and exhibitions of the whole world, are all undying garden of color and pattern , that if you know the ways of seeing and come through them, you may see the whole remain and the eternal.

Already it’s us and lots of paintings as you want, No miracle of paintings, No master of the undying gardens. Painters are all passing with their paintings, gardens languish fast and flowers of paintings wilt faster. Yes, the perfume of Paintings’ garden won’t even last till the end of alley. In fact passing and eternal creating needs some rules. Painting takes some burden, some
Agony, some science .

Pity that this fame of being an unique painter has overcome everyone, pity the lost of this eternal secret of painting in the color commotion and excitement of light & solid raw experiences, it’s a pity we forget that not everyone who colors is a painter, and the traffic signs in the streets are no paintings .
But I still gaze at the gardens which make the doorway to go and watch .
In the passing through of gardens, sometimes one sorcerer is making one garden without wilt.
I visit all the gardens, and I shall know in spite of the rare and small of them , there are some gardens with some everlasting perfume. Thus pass through one and feel how long the patterns may stay in mind.
Garden of Paintings has no fall.

Hadi Riabi
Spring of 2004